Cooking Foods on the Stove Top

Frying pans are extremely useful to have around the home. There are so many recipes for frying pan. Some items, like steak, simply taste better on the barbecue. However, during the winter months, steak recipes in a frying pan do exist.

People can happily cook many meats, like chicken breast, in a frying pan. In fact, it seems as though meat is easiest to cook on the stove top in a hurry. This is especially true for bacon- just remember to cover it with a lid when cooking due to the splattering fat.

Other recipes include most breakfast foods such as pancakes, crepes, eggs, and french toast. In a diner, the stove top burners are utilized all day with breakfast recipes for frying pans.

People can also steam vegetables with a little bit of water in the frying pan or cook them in oil. There is a world of options in cuisine simply due to this one invention.